UGC Guidelines Challenged – Supreme Court Expected to hear plea Today

New Delhi, July 23 | The fight against UGC fresh guidelines on conducting final year exam has come to the doorstep of Supreme Court. 31 Students from 13 states have filed petition against the fresh UGC guidelines on conducting exams for final year students . The students believe that taking final year exam at the time when cases of COVID-19 is rising at the fastest ever pace would be detrimental to their health and their families well being.

UGC Guidelines Challenged – Petition Details

The students have sought the cancellation of all the final year exams in any of the universities of India. They want that the students of final year should also be assessed as per their previous performance or internal assessments. The students have also demanded that they should get their final year certificate by the end of July, as there has already been a delay due to COVID-19 cases.

UGC Guidelines Challenged – Twitter Reaction

#cancelfinalyearexam is trending in twitter. Students are voicing their opinion and directly reaching out to the authorities through tweets.

A student quoted PM Moid ” One exam doesn’t define who you are” and question why UGC is so desperate to conduct final year exam.

Another twitter user Rahul, highlighted that the universities should not pressure students to give final year exam till the Supreme Court declares its verdict on the matter.

Students are taking selfie and protesting against the final year exam by uploading the image to twitter with #cancelfinalyearexam.

About UGC Guidelines on Final Year Exam

The UGC came up with a revised guidelines on final year exam stating “The terminal semester(s) final year(s) exams be conducted by the universities/instittuions by the end of September 2020 in off-line (pen and paper)/online/blended (online+offline) mode as per feasibility and sustainibility. Students who have backlogs should compulsory be evaluated by online or offline examination.

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