Request for withdrawal of UGC Guidelines: Online Petition to PM Modi

New Delhi, July 23 | The Joint Forum for Movement on Education (JFME) has started an online petition in requesting withdrawal of UGC guidelines and cancellation of Final Year Exam for University students throughout India and seek internal assessments similar to intermediate semester students.

An online petition on the platform ‘Change.Org’ has been started by Joint Forum for Movement on Education (JFME) in opposition to the recently released ‘UGC Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in view of COVID-l9 Pandemic ‘. JFME is seeking withdrawal of the UGC guidelines and cancellation of Final Year Exams.

Highlights of the Petition challenging UGC guidelines

  • Lockdown led to increased disparity in preparation level among students caused due to differential access of digital devices

  • Online exams are not a viable alternative to regular exams. The petition challenges the fairness, credibility and integrity of online exams. Lack of monitoring during online exams will promote unfair practices and penalise honest students. Moreover, it finds the process discriminatory toward differently abled students and students who lack preparation resources

  • Final semester/ year students have undergone several rounds of assessment throughout the course. The final part of assessment can be completed via alternate modes. As per the petition “Other forms of credible and meaningful assessment like internal / continuous assessment and / or average scores of past semesters would meet the criteria of fairness and integrity better,”

  • Education is in the concurrent list and State Governments must have the final say on decisions and the UGC must hear all the voices rather than coming up with a unilateral guideline

JFME Forum aims to submit the petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his immediate intervention after the petition gets 1000 digital signatures. The forum hopes that his intervention would lead to the withdrawal of UGC Guidelines and immediate cancellation of mandatory exams for final semester/ year.

How you can support the petition against UGC Guidelines

If you are university student and want to support the petition, you can follow the steps mentioned below and spread the awareness. The petition has already got 2.3 lakh signature and is getting more and more support.

1st Step: Visit the official website of

2nd Step: click of the education tag

3rd step: click on the card showing “Cancel Final Year Exam”

4th step: Sign the petition and spread the message through your social network account.

About UGC Guidelines on Final Year Exam

The UGC came up with a revised guidelines on final year exam stating “The terminal semester(s) final year(s) exams be conducted by the universities/instittuions by the end of September 2020 in off-line (pen and paper)/online/blended (online+offline) mode as per feasibility and sustainibility. Students who have backlogs should compulsory be evaluated by online or offline examination.

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